An update from Kerbey Lane

We appreciate your interest in being part of the conversation about the very unfortunate incident that happened last Sunday between four of our guests at our Guadalupe location. The Kerbey Lane Cafe family wants to touch base with the community here on Facebook and give everyone an update.

We’ve conducted some internal interviews to gain a better understanding of what happened last Sunday. Guests who were in the restaurant during the incident have also come forward, which we appreciate. We’ve heard different perspectives, all of which are helping us better move forward and assess how to handle potential situations in the future.

Ultimately, we see this painful incident as a learning experience not just for us, but perhaps for our entire community. Kerbey Lane CEO Mason Ayer has reached out to city leaders to start a broader dialogue about how we can all be more sensitive to discrimination in our community, and we’ll provide updates to you as they are available. Thank you for this dialogue, and for your support.

If you have additional information or questions about this incident, we welcome you to email us here: