5 Kerbey Lane Dishes to Help you Survive SXSW 2016

Whether you’re attending SXSW festivities this week or trying your best to avoid the crowds, you can count on Kerbey Lane Cafe to serve-up hearty dishes ranging from classic to creative that will keep you fueled up. Here are a few Kerbey Lane dishes we recommend to keep you going throughout this busy week!

Best Queso In Austin

1. Kerbey Queso

If you’re in Austin and you're not eating Kerbey Queso, you’re doing something wrong. This creamy white cheese queso comes with a scoop of our homemade guacamole and has been a staple for Austinites and festival-goers alike for years.

Best Pancakes In Austin

2. Beignet Pancakes

While you'd still enjoy our classic buttermilk cake, we recommend you try a crowd favorite: the Beignet Pancakes (our featured pancake for the second week of SXSW). Grab a single, short- or full-stack of this delectable pancake which features an espresso glaze and powdered sugar.

Best Restaurant In Austin

3. Crab Mac & Cheese Bites

This seasonal dish from our Spring Menu became a quick favorite for Austinites. What’s not to like about homemade Green Chile Mac & Cheese that’s mixed with lump crabmeat and then deep fried? Absolutely nothing. You can also try out our crab bites by ordering the Crab & Mac Benny off the Spring Menu.

Austin Cafe Food

4. Greek Chicken

Looking for something on the healthier and lighter side? Then Greek Chicken is the dish for you. This entrée features all-natural chicken breast, steamed spinach, tomato, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki sauce and fresh grilled pita bread.

Best Queso Philly

5. Queso Philly

Another crowd-pleaser from our Spring Menu is the Queso Philly. We smother grilled steak, onions and green bell peppers with our famous Kerbey Queso and serve it to you with your choice of French or sweet potato fries.

Austin Cafe Specials

Bonus: $3 Wine & Beer + $2 Mimosas

You read that right. Kerbey Lane has you covered if you’re at SXSW and looking for a place to grab delicious brunch and a few cheap drinks. Insider tip: a little hair of the dog and Kerbey Queso is a proven cure for anything that ails you.