5 Seasonal Menu Items Sticking Around for Kerbey's Summer '16 Menu

Kerbey Lane Cafe releases three seasonal menus (Summer, Fall & Spring) each year to celebrate the flavors of the season and provide fresh, fun dishes for our guests to enjoy. Our Spring 2016 Menu will only be available until May 9th (our new Summer Menu debuts May 12th at 9 AM). While anticipation is high for the new Summer Menu, we wanted to let you know that several crowd-favorites from our Spring Menu will be making a repeat appearance next season. Here's a list of Five Seasonal Menu items that will be sticking around for our Summer 2016 Menu:

pork nachos.jpg

Pulled Pork Nachos

This small plate, featuring tostada-style nachos layered with all-natural pork, white cheddar, red onions, achiote sauce and pineapple-mango pico will be sticking around through the months.

crab mac and cheese bites.jpg

Crab Mac & Cheese Bites

The suspense is over! Crab Mac & Cheese Bites were such a hit on our Spring 2016 Menu that we knew it would be a crime to take them away!

crab mac benny2.jpg

Crab Mac & Cheese Benny

How could we keep Crab Mac & Cheese Bites around and not reprise the Crab Mac & Cheese Benny? We simply couldn't - you can still get your favorite Spring Benedict through the summer.

kick start2.jpg

Kerbey Kick Start

The Kerbey Kick Start is a Seasonal constant that gets a little twist with the change of the season. You'll always get Pederson's jalapeno sausage, scrambled eggs, avocado, marble rye toast & a spring mix salad. The Summer version of the Kerbey Kick Start feature a tomato vinaigrette & candied almonds on the salad.

greek lamb.jpg

Greek Lamb Skewers

This platter features herb ground lamb, diced tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, hummus, tabbouleh, tzatziki sauce and grilled pita bread. The light and refreshing Greek Lamb Skewers will still be available through the warm summer months.

queso philly.jpg

Bonus: Queso Philly

When it comes to the Queso Philly, we have bad news and good news. Bad news: The Queso Philly didn't make the cut for our Summer 2016 Menu. Good news: The Queso Philly was so popular that we've added it to our 24-hour menu (meaning your favorite, cheese-covered sandwich isn't going anywhere anytime soon!).