December Service Stars

Each month Kerbey Lane Cafe honors two Service Stars. These are team members who exemplify the KLC core values, who lend an extra helping hand, and who are all ‘round awesome people. They are certainly worthy of a spot on our blog. Check them out!


Community Service Star: Alyssia Beltran

Find her at: our Northwest location

How long have you worked at Kerbey Lane Cafe?

11 months.

What is your favorite thing about working at Kerbey Lane Cafe?

All my team members. They make Kerbey a GREAT place to spend a lot of my time. Shout out to you guys! Much love.

Tell us a little about yourself; what motivates you as a volunteer?

I like helping out because it makes others happy and it gives me a boost to keep the day going!

What causes do you care most about?

Volunteering overall!

Which Kerbey Lane Cafe volunteer opportunity/event have you enjoyed the most? Why?

The time we went to Urban Roots–it was cool to be a farmer for a morning.

What is your favorite KLC pancake?

The vegan swirl (all of ‘em)

If you could have one super power, what would it be? How would you use it?

I’d fly. It’s hard being short sometimes, so just think of the possibilities with the ability to fly…pretty endless if you ask me.

What is your spirit animal and why?

I don’t even know but Joey said it would be a cockatoo, because I am quirky with some chill dance moves.


Service Star Team Member: Wanwisa Sanguanrueang

Find her at: our University location

How long have you worked at Kerbey Lane Cafe?

Almost 2 years.

What is your favorite thing about working at Kerbey Lane Cafe?

Friends + Managers + Flexibility

· I love when my UT teams call my name (“AYEEE!!!”) because they always sound happy, which makes my day.

· The managers work so hard and they made me want to follow in their footsteps. They are also laidback, so I don't feel nervous around them.

· The flexibility here allows me to work multiple jobs and visit my family in Thailand. (I miss you Manager, AJ!!!)

Tell us about one of your most memorable service moments at Kerbey Lane Cafe.

I had a very big group of high school students from another town. I entertained them, made them laugh, and gave everybody stickers as a souvenir–they loved it! At the end of their meal, they wanted to take photos with me. The smiles on their faces, and their voices when they called my name made me so happy.

Tell us a little about yourself and what motivates you to give great service to guests.

· I'm originally from Thailand. I’ve never worked in an American restaurant before. It was very tough for me in the beginning–I didn't even know how to pronounce some of the foods! However, I’m still here today!

· Tips are my motivation…

· Wait! It's not just about the money. I consider it the "scale of my service" to the guests. When I get higher tips, it shows that they are satisfied and that always make me keep up the good work. When I get tipped lower than expected, I use it as motivation to do a better job.

Are there any skills you use as a team member at Kerbey that come in handy during everyday life?

I work seven days a week, so my everyday life is all about work. The most useful thing I’ve learned from working at Kerbey is the 10 Steps of Service. I've been using these steps at my other jobs too, and it seriously does help me a lot. I feel I work more efficiently since I've been working at Kerbey.

What is your favorite KLC pancake?

Buttermilk swirl–86 glaze, with a side of butter.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? And how would you use it?

I want be able to fly so that I can have dinner with my family in Thailand every day.

What is your spirit animal and why?

An ant! I think I'm a workaholic like them.

Congratulations to our December Service Stars!