Featured Artist: Dimitri Gudgenov

Meet Featured Artist, Dimitri Gudgenov!

Gudgenov's artwork is on display now until March 5 at our Westlake location, 701 S Capital of Texas Hwy.

Gudgenov was raised in Montreal, Canada by his Brazilian mother and Bulgarian father and is a proud Canadian American. In the 1990s, his family moved to North Carolina. Gudgenov attended architecture school at North Carolina State University. After practicing architecture in North Carolina for a few years he decided to move back to Montreal, where he met his wife, Lisa, who is a native of New Zealand.

In 2014, Gudgenov and his wife spontaneously followed the music to Austin, never having visited and without any job prospects. It didn't take long for Gudgenov to land a job at a local architecture firm and soon after he began getting involved in the city's fine arts scene.

Gudgenov has been creating art for about 10 years using techniques he learned in architecture school, like sculpture and 3D modeling, to create these three-dimensional artworks inspired by organic forms.


The process begins with a sketch before Gudgenov renders the form using 3D modeling software. Using a laser cutter, vertical slices are produced in different sizes to create texture. Then the individual slices are bonded together with glue, apoxy, or mechanically with wire.

The materials used by Gudgenov are sourced from different lumber manufacturers. He often works with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and Luan plywood, which is commonly used in industrial cabinetry applications. Gudgenov has also worked with chipboard, which is typically used in architectural modeling, and Eucaboard, a Brazilian hardboard harvested from Eucalyptus trees in São Paulo and special ordered from a company in San Antonio.

Gudgenov's artwork evokes a feeling of movement and fluidity, inspired by landscapes, liquids, and other shapes and configurations found in the natural world. His technique highlights something that is familiar to most of us–the pixels of a photograph. Gudgenov explained, "With a photograph, you can zoom in to see the individual pixels. You can see the individual slices in my work and know that they’re separate from each other, but the overall form starts to take shape. When you combine them all together, it’s this echo of another [larger] image."


Currently, Gudgenov works as a project architect focusing mainly on schools. As he continues to define his practice and produce more pieces, he has the hope of becoming a full-time artist in the future.

In the past, Gudgenov has shown his work at Epoch Coffee and one of his works was chosen to be a part of the 2017 People's Gallery exhibition at Austin City Hall. In July 2018, you'll be able to view his work at the Dougherty Arts Center. During the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST), he typically has a show at the Pump Project Art Complex. Unfortunately, the future of Pump Project is uncertain. Supporters of Austin's local artist community can make donations by visiting their Relocation Fund page.

When Gudgenov isn't working or creating art, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their two-month-old son, Adrian. He enjoys going to the Alamo Drafthouse, playing board games, and previously participated in the Austin Tennis Ladders.

You can see more of Gudgenov's artwork on his website: dimitrigudgenov.com, or on his Facebook and Instagram profiles. All of his works displayed at Kerbey Lane Cafe are for sale. Questions for Dimitri? Send him an email.