Featured Artist: Emily Morris

Meet Featured Artist, Emily Morris!

Morris' artwork will be on display until September 5 at the University Kerbey Lane location at 2606 Guadalupe St.

Morris is originally from Houston, but she has called Austin home ever since graduating from Texas State University in 2007, where she obtained a degree in Mass Communication and Art & Design.

Since Morris can remember she has been drawing and as a little girl, she was obsessed with drawing mermaids. Her mother was very encouraging of her art projects growing up, which led Morris to feel supported in choosing a creative path.

It wasn't until college that Morris began to experiment with painting, as it was part of her required coursework. She came to the realization that she enjoyed painting more than she did drawing and even sold a few paintings while she was still in college. After painting a few pet portraits for friends, Morris began painting on commission in 2013, the same year she and her mom started their Etsy shop, Stella & Ellie.

David Bowie.JPG

Morris is inspired by the work of Andy Warhol and she enjoys painting portraits. For her abstract art, she draws inspiration from the variety of materials available and the natural processes that happen to them, like metal leaf when it oxidizes. She enjoys using water as a medium, sometimes pouring ink over water and allowing the design to take place organically, with the water being the vehicle of expression.

Music is another source of inspiration for Morris and it is an integral part of her process in creating her paintings and mixed media pieces. She has even created pieces to go along with poetry she has written.

Accessibility is important to Morris–she believes everyone should be able to own a beautiful piece of artwork. With the majority of her work being under $200, Morris makes owning a piece of original art a reality for the average person.

Currently, Morris works full-time in marketing at the Bullock Texas State History Museum and creates art in the evenings and on weekends. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family and especially her poodle, Stella.

In addition to her show at Kerbey Lane, Morris is also displaying work at Liquid Float Center in North Austin. You can see more of Morris' artwork on her website: emilymorrisart.com, at her Etsy and Society 6 stores, and on Facebook and Instagram.

All of Morris' works displayed at Kerbey Lane Cafe are for sale. Questions for Emily? Send her an email.