Featured Artist: Jane Fier

Meet Featured Artist, Jane Fier!

Fier's artwork is on display now until November 6 at our Southwest location, 4301 W William Cannon Drive.

Fier is originally from Iowa, but her husband's career in the military and then later on as a pilot required that their family move around the country a lot. She and her husband ultimately decided to settle in Austin because of the fact that both of their sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren reside in the Central Texas area.

As a new mother, Fier began taking painting classes for fun. What started as a hobby took a more serious turn when Fier enrolled in college-level courses. She would eventually go on to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the University of West Georgia in the late 1990's. Once her children reached high school, Fier began working part-time in galleries and fine arts centers, which increased both her exposure to art and her appreciation for it.


Today Fier considers herself to be a full-time artist. While she never expected to pull an income from painting, she's done well thanks to the exposure she's received from hanging at places like Kerbey Lane Cafe, where she has sold upward of 10 paintings. When we connected with Fier she told us, "To have people comment, notice, and appreciate my work is enough. The payment is just the icing on the cake."

Fier draws inspiration from her surroundings, and her process of creating a painting involves taking an idea or a mood and then expanding on the expression of it using color and shape. She is also inspired by other famous contemporary and abstract artists, such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

All of the paintings showing at Kerbey Lane on acrylic on canvas, but Fier experiments with other mediums as well. Printmaking required a level of structure that didn't appeal to her overall, but one technique she took a liking to was monotyping, a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. Fier would free paint on plexiglass and then take printmaking paper that she had soaked in water and roll it out over the plexiglass. From there, she adds to the image by using paint or collage techniques.


In addition to our Southwest location, Fier's work can be viewed at Link & Pin, a collaborative art space on Austin's East Sixth Street. The work displayed there is part of an exhibition offered by the Creative Arts Society, an Austin-based nonprofit organization where Fier is a Board Member.

Previously, Fier has shown her artwork at Blue Dahlia Cafe and at Bass Concert Hall, where she had a solo show displaying her monotypes.

When she isn't busy creating art, Fier is spending time with her grandchildren, traveling with her husband, and getting involved in community social groups.

You can see more of Fier's artwork on her website: All of her works displayed at Kerbey Lane Cafe are for sale. Questions for Jane? Send her an email.