Austin Cafe Art

Featured Artist: Neena Buxani

Her artwork will be on display through the March 3, 2016 at our Central location, 3704 Kerbey Lane Austin, TX 78731.

Neena is originally from Brownsville, TX, but has lived in Austin ever since she attended UT as an undergraduate, nearly 20 years ago. She chose to stay in Austin because the open-mindedness of the people here, which she feels allows her the freedom to be able to experiment with her art.

Much like her artwork, Neena’s background is very colorful and diverse. She comes from a family of Indian merchants who moved to Brownsville, a city on the edge of the border of Mexico. Being Indian-American and growing up on the border of Mexico, it is not uncommon to see several different cultures represented in Neena’s paintings.

Austin Cafe Art

To be an artist has always been Neena’s dream, but being from a traditional Indian family, pursuing art as a career is not typically encouraged. Her professional background includes everything from finance and jewelry to social work and advertising. Neena holds a B.S. in Advertising and Speech Communications and an M.S. in Social Work, both from the University of Texas at Austin. Through all of her different pursuits, painting remains Neena’s number one passion and she hopes to be able to become a full-time artist in the near future.

Austin Cafe Art

When asked about her inspiration, Neena told us, “I paint a lot of different things, but what ties them all together is my use of vibrant color. I like to experiment with different mediums and textures.” As a self-taught artist, Neena finds that she learns the most by observing other artists and experimenting with various techniques. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or gesso board, but she will use whatever she can get her hands on to achieve the desired effect. Neena also sources inspiration from music. She explained her process, “I create a playlist and put it on repeat as I paint. The painting produced often takes on some of the musical background.”

You can see more of Neena’s artwork on her website,, and her Facebook page. All of her works at Kerbey Lane Cafe are for sale. Questions for Neena? Email her at

Neena’s artwork is also on display at the following places:

  • Georgetown Antiques and Artisans (Georgetown, Texas)
  • Art on 12 Gallery (Wimberley, Texas)
  • Luxe Apothetique in the Domain (Austin, Texas)
  • Bass Concert Hall (Austin, Texas)
  • Cypress Grill (Austin, Texas)