Meet the creative mind behind four of our new Summer Menu items

Micah Judd has been working at Kerbey Lane Cafe for almost three years, and currently holds the position of Associate Team Leader at our South Lamar location. Although his background is in retail, Micah hopes to have his own restaurant one day. After 13 years in clothing retail management, he decided join our team in order to learn as much as he could about what it takes to run a restaurant. He credits Kerbey Lane with helping him to get started in the direction of his dreams.

Micah wasn’t shy about letting us know that he had ideas, and we were happy to listen. His talent in the kitchen quickly got our attention, and it’s no surprise that the menu items he created have become some of our Summer Menu bestsellers.

Using ingredients that are readily available in our kitchens, Micah became inspired to create new dishes by combining elements of menu items already offered. He told us, “Kerbey already has a great product, so I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. My goal is to create unique and exciting flavor profiles with what we already have.”

Micah loves to experiment with different flavor profiles and is constantly putting his imagination to work in his home kitchen. This is the first time one of his recipes has been used in a restaurant setting, and we couldn’t be more excited for him!

During your next visit to Kerbey Lane Cafe, be sure to try one of Micah’s four Summer Menu creations!


Chicken & Pancakes

Fried chicken breast, two cinnamon-beignet pancakes, maple buffalo sauce, powdered sugar.

Micah: “This is a play on the popular chicken & waffles dish. I wanted to create a similar flavor profile—sweet, savory, and a little spicy.”


Texas Mobster

Chicken fried steak, fresh mozzarella, pizza sauce, Parmesan cheese, red onions, lettuce, ranch dressing, grilled bistro bun.

Micah: “As a kid I lived in a little town in Arkansas, and there was a little local joint that served a pizza burger. I was messing around in the kitchen one day and decided I would try to recreate that, but instead of the burger patty I used a chicken fried steak."


Steak Enchilada Benedict

Grilled steak, aged white cheddar, chipotle sauce, corn tortillas, poached eggs, hollandaise, white onions, cilantro.

Micah: “I wanted to combine elements of steak enchiladas with a benedict. The white cheddar and chipotle sauce work really well together. This dish is a melding of flavors that are sure to excite the palate.”


Sweet Potato Hash

Pederson's jalapeno sausage, sunny-side up eggs, sweet potato home fries, green & red bell peepers, green & red, onions, maple-ranchero sauce.

Micah: “With this one I was going for a complex flavor profile, melding sweet and spicy. By using sweet potatoes in place of regular potatoes and adding maple to our ranchero sauce, I think I accomplished that.”