Pumpkin Pancake Upgrades that will Change your Life

If you thought our Pumpkin Pancakes couldn't get any better, think again. Check out these three simple upgrades that will take the Pumpkin Pancakes you know and love to the next level.

Keep reading, we're about to change your life.


Pumpkin + Cinnamon Swirl

You can add our famous Cinnamon Swirl to any pancake, including Pumpkin! Just ask your server to "Swirl it up!"


Pumpkin + Chocolate Chips

Chocolate makes everything better, and Pumpkin Pancakes are no exception.


Pancake + Cinnamon Swirl + Chocolate Chips

Why not get crazy and order your Pumpkin Pancakes with both a Cinnamon Swirl and chocolate chips? You won't regret it.

*Remember, Pumpkin Pancakes are only around as long as our Fall Menu, so get them while you can (approximately September - January).

There is a .75 upcharge for adding chocolate chips to your pancakes.