The Lighter Side Of Kerbey Lane

Although we at Kerbey Lane are famous for our pancakes and queso, there is no shortage of less decadent (but still satisfying) healthy menu items available, including vegan and gluten-free options. Here are a few we recommend in the interest of achieving your health goals, while still keeping your tastebuds happy.


Red Quinoa Salad

Quinoa & black bean corn pico atop mixed greens, queso fresco, tomato, avocado, jicama, carrots & cabbage. Served with cilantro-lime vinaigrette.

This salad is a favorite of many Austinites, including one very well-known Bridget Jones star (who shall remain unnamed).

Quinoa is a supergrain that has exploded with popularity in recent years due to the powerful punch of nutrients it packs. Quinoa is protein-rich and contains almost twice as much fiber as other grains, among several other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Tips for ordering: order without cheese and this salad becomes vegan. Meat eaters can add chicken for an extra protein boost. Either way, it's naturally gluten-free!

Kerbey Kick Start.jpg

Kerbey Kick Start

Pederson's jalapeno sausage, scrambled eggs, avocado, marble rye toast. Spring mix salad, cherry tomatoes, orange vinaigrette, toasted pumpkin seeds, strawberry slices.

The popularity of the Kerbey Kick Start will have it seeing its way onto our Spring Menu, and for good reason! Featuring local sausage from Pederson's Natural Farms and plenty of veggies, this menu item covers all the bases of a balanced meal.

Tips for ordering: order without toast and this dish becomes gluten-free. We recommend substituting toast with our seasonal veggie for even more green goodness.


American Classic

Two eggs, choice of bacon or all-natural sausage.

No, you don't have to give up brunch! Keep it healthy and simple with an American Classic.

Tips for ordering: we recommend choosing black beans and fruit as breakfast sides for maximum nutritional benefit, making this breakfast naturally gluten-free.


Good Seed Veggie Burger

Photo: @elishamariejewelry

Locally-made Good Seed Burger, crafted with coriander, sprouted lentils & chia seeds.

Formerly the "Hippie Burger" on our menu, vegetarians and meat eaters alike will appreciate this meatless nutrient-packed burger. In addition to Good Seed patties being vegan, soy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO, they're also packed with organic superfoods like chia and hemp seed.

Tips for ordering: this burger is safe for vegans and gluten-free buns are available!


Denver Omelet

Photo: @flabstofitness

All-natural ham, cheddar jack cheese, green onion, green bell pepper, mushroom.

The Denver omelet is just one of six omelets on our menu, all of which are under 400 calories!

Tips for ordering: substitute homefries with sweet potato fries for less calories as well as added fiber and vitamin A.

Honorable Mention

Veggie Chili: tomatoes, TVP, bell pepper, black beans, spices. (vegan and gluten-free)

Kerbey Scramble: scrambled eggs, homefries, mushroom, tomato, green onion, cheddar jack cheese. (gluten-free; can be modified to be vegan)