Hi there! Welcome to the new & improved Kerbey Love Club.

As a Kerbey Love Club member, you’ll earn awesome rewards just by dining in at a Kerbey Lane Cafe location (psst there’s eight!) or ordering online through the Kerbey Love Club app. Every time you place an order* you’ll be one step closer to moving up to the next tier. The higher tier you are, the better the benefits!

  • When you register you are automatically a Baby Cake.

  • 6 qualifying orders in one year and you will move up to tier 1 status: Single Cake.

  • 18 qualifying orders in one year and you will move up to tier 2 status: Short Stack.

  • 36 qualifying orders in one year and you will be in the upper echelon of all Kerbey Lovers, our tier 3 status: Full Stack.

And, every year, you get to have a FREE single cake or small queso on your birthday! Who loves you? Us, that’s who.


1 QO (Qualified Order) = Spend $15 Minimum


So what are you waiting for? START PLACING THOSE ORDERS!

Download the Kerbey Love Club app today and register for the program. Remember to show the check in code to your server every time you dine at Kerbey Lane Café, and when you want to order ToGo, make sure you do it through the Kerbey Love Club app to earn and redeem your rewards.

And for all you parents, Kids Eat Free is now available all the time to members in our Short Stack & Full Stack tiers!

*Each Kerbey Love Club member must spend a minimum of $15 to have an order qualify.


Can you use multiple rewards at one time?

When you are dining in store, you can use multiple rewards. When ordering online or through the app, only one reward at a time can be applied.

+ How do I sign up for Kerbey Love Club?

Download the Kerbey Love Club app from the App Store or Google Play store and register as a new member!

+ How do I earn rewards?

Earning rewards is easy! The more qualified orders* you place, the faster you move up the tiers. The higher tier you are, the better the rewards.

Each time you visit a Kerbey Lane Cafe location, show your check in code to your server, or make sure you order ToGo, Kerbside or delivery using the Kerbey Love Club app and start earning qualified orders!

Rewards don’t stop there! We are continuously sending out exclusive offers and special rewards only available to those in the Kerbey Love Club program. Keep an eye out for those emails--you won't want to miss out.

*Orders must be a minimum of $15 to qualify.

+ How do I move up in tiers?

Once registered, you are automatically in our first tier; Baby Cake. After you place 6 qualified orders*, whether in store or through the app, you will move up to Single Cake status. After you place 18 qualified orders, you move up to Short Stack. Then, to reach the coveted Full Stack tier, you will need to place a total of 36 qualified orders.

Tiers are calculated annually based on when you joined the Love Club. As long as you maintain your order frequency each year, you will stay in your tier.

+ How do I view & use my rewards in the app?

Open up your Kerbey Love Club app and click on the "my rewards" button and you will see your transaction history, member ID and tier you fall into, and a balance of all your rewards.

To use a reward, simply place an order through the "order now" button and add the item you would like to use for your reward. When you get to the checkout screen, click on "apply rewards" and you will be able to choose the reward you want to use and apply it to your bill.

+ Is there a limit on how many qualified orders I can earn in one visit?

Yes, each Kerbey Love Club member is eligible to receive one qualified order per each time they visit or order form Kerbey Lane Cafe.

+ What Is the Kids Eat Free Program?

Kids ALWAYS eat FREE for members in our Short Stack & Full Stack tiers!

Kids drinks are Free for members in Single Cake & up!

+ How do I use the Kids Eat Free reward once I get to Short Stack?

Once you achieve Short Stack status, the reward will automatically populate in your account and can be used just like any other reward. Once used, the reward will replenish itself, so you never run out.

+ Is there a different eclub for non Kerbey Love Club members?

Nope! The only way to receive emails, exclusive offers, and all sorts of other benefits is by being a member of the Kerbey Love Club.

+ Do I need a card to use the program?

No cards necessary! The Kerbey Love Club program is entirely app based. Use your app to check in at the table, order ToGo or delivery, and use your rewards.

+ I forgot my phone & can’t use the app to check in at the table, what do I do?

Not to worry! Your server can look up your account in our system using your phone number.

+ My question wasn't answered here, what next?

We apologize for not having the answer here. If you can, please email and someone will follow up with you!