Our Commitment to Safety

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Caring for Our Guest

What Kerbey Lane Cafe is Doing For Your Safety

• Offering Kerbside pickup so that guests do not have to leave their car.

• Using tamper proof stickers on ToGo and delivery orders.

• Sanitizing all commonly touched surfaces at least every hour, sometimes more.

• Providing guest hand sanitizer at each entrance.

• Utilizing a QR code for contactless menu viewing.

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Caring for our Team Members

Our Team Members

  • • Are trained the facts of COVID-19 and how to prevent the spread in their home and at work.
  • • Do not touch ready to eat foods with bare hands.
  • • Undergo a wellness screening upon entering the restaurant.
  • • Are provided emergency sick leave.
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Caring for Each Other

Kerbey Lane Cafe

  • • Is offering discounted Family Packages that feed 4-6.
  • • Is offering cocktails ToGo.