Rewards FAQs

How do I log-in to view my account?

You can log-in to view your current rewards balance or edit your personal information here.

What is the Kerbey Enthusiasm rewards program?

The Kerbey Enthusiasm rewards program is a guest appreciation program that rewards guests for dining at Kerbey Lane Cafe. Participating guests will earn points towards free food and other rewards. Kerbey Enthusiasm members will also be the first to hear about new menu items and special offers. You’ll also receive rewards for events like birthdays, anniversaries and referring friends to join Kerbey Enthusiasm.

How do I get a physical Kerbey Enthusiasm card?

Kerbey Enthusiasm cards are available at any Kerbey Lane Cafe location, but if you’ve signed up for our rewards program using the Kerbey Lane Cafe app, you don’t have to have a card!

Do I need a Kerbey Enthusiasm card to be a rewards member?

No, our new Kerbey Enthusiasm program is completely digital, but you can still use a card if you choose.

If you choose to go digital using the app, you will earn and redeem rewards via a code in the app (or with your phone number). If you prefer to use a physical card, you can still do so for now.

If you were a card-holding member of our former loyalty program, you can use your card to transfer your current rewards onto a digital account. After that, it’s no longer necessary to carry a card.

I’m already a Kerbey Enthusiasm member, what will happen with my existing points?

Don't worry; we’ll migrate all of your current points into our new program. Here's how points will transfer over:

  • Guests with points balances 74 and under: Points balance will be migrated as is. You’ll earn $5 when you reach 75 points.
  • Guests with points balance between 75-100: will receive a $10 reward and accrue the remainder of your points.

The transfer of points will be the same for card-holding and digital members.

Do I need to keep track of my points or keep my receipts?

Every time you visit a Kerbey Lane Cafe and use your Kerbey Enthusiasm account, you’ll be able to add the points from your visit to your accounts by simply providing your server with a quick code from the app, or your physical card if you choose to utilize the program with a card. The Kerbey Enthusiasm app will let you know how many points and/or special rewards you have available.

How do I earn points?

You’ll receive 1 point for every $1 spent at Kerbey Lane Cafe – you’ll earn a $5 reward for every 75 points you earn.

How long are rewards good for?

Rewards earned from transactions do not expire. Your birthday and anniversary rewards will expire 30 days after issue. Special rewards have varying expiration periods; you will be notified of their expiration at the time of issue.

How do I know when I’ve earned a reward?

You are awarded $5 every time you reach 75 points. We also send you discretionary awards for special promotions we do in store and for special occasions in your life (such as birthdays and anniversaries). You can also login to the Kerbey Enthusiasm app at any time to check for your rewards.

I forgot to give my Kerbey Enthusiasm information to my server during my visit. Can I add my points?

If you forgot, don’t worry! Please send a photo of your receipt and your Kerbey Enthusiasm account number to We’ll be happy to add a one-time credit for purchases made within the previous 14 days.