Restaurant information

What are the hours of operation for Kerbey Lane Cafe?

Most Kerbey Lane Cafe locations are open 24/7, but there are a few select stores that are not open late-nights during the week.

View your nearest Kerbey Lane Cafe location and store hours.

What are the holiday hours for Kerbey Lane Cafe?

Kerbey Lane Cafe closes Christmas Eve (December 24th) at 3 PM and remains closed through Christmas Day (December 25th). All stores re-open on December 26th at 7 AM. Most Kerbey Lane Cafe locations are open Thanksgiving Day; though a select few stores will be closed. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter or call the restaurant directly for the scheduled hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Does Kerbey Lane Cafe Offer Catering?

Kerbey Lane no longer has a catering facility and does not have the capacity to produce large-volume orders in any of our restaurants. While we are able to accommodate most ToGo orders, we do not have the necessary equipment or staff to process catering orders or ToGo orders for large groups.

Does Kerbey Lane Cafe take reservations?

Though we do not accept reservations, many times, you may be able to skip any wait by downloading and using the NoWait app on your phone. If you have a large party, you may reserve a private area by contacting the store directly (room fees may apply) – though we cannot accommodate large parties during weekend hours.

How do I make a request for a donation?

Kerbey Lane Cafe donates to charitable causes that align with our Corporate Responsibility Plan. Donation requests can be submitted by visiting our Corporate Responsibility page. Please review our donation policy before submitting a request. Unfortunately, it is not possible to honor every request that we receive. Please accept our apology in advance if we are not able to fulfill your request.

Menu information

What are "featured pancakes" and how do I learn more about them?

Each week, we offer three "Featured" (or "Special") pancakes - including a vegan and gluten free option.

The Featured Pancake changes weekly on Tuesday at 10 AM. You can view the monthly lineup by checking out our blog.

Where can I find nutrition facts & allergen information?

You can download Nutrition Facts for our 24-Hour (main) Menu as an interactive PDF below.

At this time, we do not offer a nutritional analysis of the items that appear on our Seasonal or other specialty menus.

If you have questions about a specific food allergy, please let a team member know so that we can direct you to menu items that meet your dietary needs.

Nutrient values are estimates only. Variations may occur due to product availability and food preparation. While we do our best to ensure accuracy, we makes no guarantee about the values that appear in our Nutrition Facts document.

Does Kerbey Lane have Vegan or Gluten Free menu options?

We do offer several Vegan-friendly and Gluten Free menu options, or provide options for modifying our menu items to meet your dietary needs. Please ask a team member to view a copy of our Vegan & Gluten Free Guide for suggestions.

We also offer a Vegan and a Gluten Free special pancake each week (you can view the upcoming lineup by checking out our blog).